Painted my graduation cap, ready for commencement tomorrow! Cheers MIT class of 2014 :)
Time lapse in this post.
Oxfam #book haul.

cupcakes. by Petrana Sekula on Flickr.
I Am Not My Illness?

I Am Not My Illness?

If I were to summarise this blog it would probably go something like “the story of a girl studying graphic design”. But thats not really true. It is true that at one point I did study graphic design, but not for very long. If we want to get scientific about it we could say this blog has been around for 603 days and I was in college for 11% of that time (71 days to be exact). So this blog really…

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Parents got me this for my birthday. Annnd now I want to be an astronaut. #books #bookstagram #reading
Reading is an expensive hobby. I think all readers understand the problem of not having enough money to buy the books. So here are some ways to get free books.
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